5G Mobile Network

23 Oct

5G or 5th generation mobile network not only change our internet speed but will also completely replace the technology. Many devices on the 5G network will collect several millions of data at once, so that each other can be contacted. After 5G, our phone will be connected to every household device present in our house whether it is your refrigerator, security system, your car. Everything will work on one of your gestures. 5G will be launched in year 2022. So let’s see how the upcoming network will change our life.



After a few years the network is changed, like 2G, 3G, 4G and then the Next G i.e. 5G. After 5G, there will be three changes in your network. The network will be quite fast, with the help of which you will not have to face any problems due to the network. Power and battery usage will be reduced. Data transfer and speed of network will increase.

The most important advantage of 5G will be on the internet speed. After 5G, the network will be 10 times faster. That means that the speed of the internet will increase 10 times more. These will be your net speed. 5G users will get internet speed up to 10,000 mbps.

Advantage of 5G

The way, in which the 4G had completely changed our life 10 years ago, something similar would happen in the year 2022 as well. Before 4G, we face problem in listening online songs, download apps and digital transactions, but as soon as 4G networks came, everything changed in our lives. So let us assume what will change after the 5G arrives. Here are some of the advantages of 5G networks:-

  • With the help of 5G, a city will be connected to another city, which will include traffic, garbage management, power supply, traffic managements, all will be automatic.
  • With the help of 5G networks, things like security system, power supply, water management can be controlled. With the help of 5G you will not be able to order milk but also be able to stop water and electricity on a gesture, and if there is a health problem, emergency support will also be possible.
  • Artificial Intelligence component will be used in self-driving vehicles. Which will not only make driving easy but also reduce the risk of Accident?
  • Nowadays, many computer hardware or system works alone. But after the arrival of 5G, these systems will talk to each other. 5G will create low-cost sensors and bigger batteries will create apps that will be used for government offices, hospitals and agriculture.

In the year 2019, AT & T, Verizon, Spring and T-Mobile of America’s will start this service in South Korea, which will be rolled out in a year. India will roll out this service completely in 2022.

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