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Doon International School, Riverside Campus is a reputed, co-educational institution with a premier institution setup in the foothills of the Himalayas. Doon International always had a strong base of parents and students, each advocating the superior quality of Education and upbringing from the very beginning. However, to grow and scale up, they needed an association to accelerate their business. Ace Advertising entered the fray and evolved their brand into a National favourite.

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The Task

With a premier campus and offshoots all over, Doon International School, Riverside Campus had envisioned ambitious expansion goals for the coming decade. To fuel such a massive scaling Operation, National familiarity with the brand was needed, accompanied with a concrete Marketing campaign.

Key Inferences

Before their association with Ace, Doon International had one primary segment that they targeted, which had certain demographic and social parameters to it. After going through our initial round of research, we discovered that it actually had a super segmented audience with distinct subgroups, each with its own pain and gain points.

Understanding Parental needs

One of the biggest decisions that Parents have to take, is to determine the immediate future of their ward. Sending their child away takes a huge emotional toll and can only be accomplished if their specific needs are met. Such is the segmentation.

Powered by Authenticity

What made the Riverside Campus  different? How could a Parent/Student differentiate between them and the countless other Co-Educational Day boarding institutions in the Country?
It was the need of the hour to discover and present the uniqueness offered by Doon International to the masses.

Unraveling the Secret

The Riverside advantage that all their children enjoyed has been largely accredited to the experienced faculty and accelerated learning system that they embody. While this was brilliant, it still hadn’t been communicated with a larger audience.


A mix of Sports and Science

Understanding and presenting the key pleasure points of Parents and Students was the beginning of our association. We curated a synergetic eco system that brought together Local as well as National Marketing systems, each targeted through a precise campaign. Taking their local brand to the National Audiences.


Social Media

The division between Local and National was made distinct. While the local channels paved the way for Parents of existing students to interact with the School policies and happenings on a deeper level, the National channels ensures the prospective Parents found the right mix of knowledge and support from us. This significantly improved the overall experience of all stakeholders.

Holistic Web Experience

Ace spent a significant time overhauling http://disriverside.com for Doon International School.
The idea was to provide sufficient information and a transparent view of the Schooling the Riverside Campus Offers. Meanwhile the Local Channels ensured the signups and enrollments kept coming in, with regular updates of the Child’s performance.

Beautiful Videos

We curated the simplest stories in the form of interactive videos, providing a sneak peak into the daily life at Doon International School, Riverside Campus. Presenting its holistic learning approach was a major asset and differentiation for us.

Precision Search Engine Optimization

Our Search is now tailored to each prospective segment’s query. We created custom landing pages to ensure a rich experience for those researching co-educational, day boarding institutions.
Our customer personas were as precise as the location, age and preferences of their child.

Digital and Paid Advertising

Placing display ads for awareness campaigns among the segmented audiences was key to our combined success. Combining it with paid social advertising, we increased the overall brand familiarity and knowledge among the prospects.
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Detailed Analytics

Ace used its signature analytic and reporting system , which crunched oodles of data on a daily basis. This empowered the school to take informed decisions, and improve weekly conversions.
Report _ Riverside
Riverside Report 2
riverside report 3
Riverside report 4
Riverside Report_ 1
Riverside Campus 5

Integrated Eco-system Planning

Ace specializes in integrated multiple platforms to achieve the desired results. We established key areas where work was needed and how each of them could come together for a larger impact and outreach for the brand.


Paid Social + Display

Driving authenticity of the brand and knowledge among the targeted segments.

Search Optimisation

Keeping Riverside campus in the middle of all the action, always.

Local Channels

Keeping the current stakeholders in the loop to every happening.

National Channels

Improving the brand positioning of Doon International School, Riverside Campus Nationally.

Website + Landing Pages

Redirecting traffic and increasing the qualified leads for School, greatly increasing prospective parents’ query and applications.


Ace was privileged in assisting Doon International School in their quest of National Recognition and Brand outreach. Based on our audits we were able to deliver remarkable results in a short span of time. That coupled with the bench marking faculty and results of the school, enabled us to solidify their National Standing.



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